“The Shivapuram” will bring unprecedented investment in the state of its location. As the Project involves construction size of  more than 1 crore sq. ft, one can guess what amount of steel, cement, other material and labour shall be required to execute such gigantic project.

In erection and construction phase itself the income of the Project Partner State from the collection of additional VAT and other taxes will be in crores of rupees. Besides, construction phase will provide a direct employment to more than 10000 persons and a much larger number of jobs through indirect support services required for this project.

The goodwill generated for itself by the Partner State can not be quantified. It will be the envy of not only the other Indian States but also other nations. This community project will provide a strong base to the Participating State Government for a long time to come.

While meeting its social commitment towards its people the State will earn huge income through collection of taxes on regular basis. Expected minimum 50 to 70 thousand visitors everyday will provide consistent source of tourism based income, and employment. This project will also need enormous number of supporting business and industrial enterprises around its location.