The project provides a multi dimensional identity to India. While the institution will be a source of joy and pride for each Indian, it will also be the emblematic institution for over 125 million Indians. The “Shivapuram” will be the incomparable source of information about our 5000 years plus old Indian heritage through its multiple and multilayered Holy, Spirituals and Research Institution. While serving spiritual needs, the institution will also meet humanitarian and social commitments towards one and all through facilities like senior citizen homes, houses for under privileged and differently abled members of society. Multi & Super Specialty Hospitals in the campus will make it really the unique in the whole of the world.

While serving the social and religious commitments, the project will be economically viable and generate enormous positive revenue through value added services. It is expected to surpass the productivity & prosperity calculations of any Industry. The project will generate amazing direct and indirect employment and tax revenue. It will impressively expand tourism industry and become significant source of foreign exchange earnings.

It can be safely concluded that, getting this one in centuries project will bring all round prosperity in India.