Lord Agni

Agni is the Rigvedic deity of fire and the conveyor of sacrifices to the gods. He is also a god of divine knowledge, who leads man to the gods. He was one of the most important of the Vedic gods.

Yaskacharya explains that the fire-god is called  (Agni) because he is  (Agrani), the forward leader who is the ever awake disseminator of knowledge and the first principle of thought which manifests as Speech; it is carried at the front in all ritualistic undertakings (yajnas).

Pippalada, the sage of the Prashna Upanishad, merely highlights the  (Ekayu, the Sole person) status of Agni when he tells Kabandhi Katayana – " That very one, Surya who is Aditya, rises up who is Prana and Agni, who is identified with all creatures and who is possessed of all fame."

Agni is the god of fire and sacrifice, of divine knowledge, and is also associated with water.Agni, identified with energy and action, is the first emanation and the sacred spark hidden within all beings. Agni is second only to Indra in the power and importance attributed to him in Vedic mythology, with 218 out of 1,028 hymns of the Rigveda dedicated to him. With Varuna and Indra he is one of the supreme gods in the Rig Veda.